Mush Busharaff and their fight against terrorism


Bush: Oh! No! Don’t Praise me so much. Especially, if your Us Dollar write off meter is on.

Musharaff: Not at all sir! I only felt honoured that I thought of calling myself Bush…a…raff.

Bush: What’s that? Honour, you said? Well any honour in the fight against terrorism should belong to the USA. So, let me the Bush…a…raff and you call yourself Mush, if you so desire.

Musharaff: But Mr Bush…a..raff, it will take at least $ 3 billion to convince my people about this change.

Bush: Oh, that’s nothing! So long as you declare that you are with us in the all-important fight against terror.

Read on…Mush 1      Mush 2

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