Land Acquisition Bill – has Modi bought into wrong legacies?

Land Acquisition – Has Modi unwittingly become a vicarious Villain

I was leafing through some literature for some article of mine in 2001-2 re dam oustees and official compensation.I remember reading that for Bhakra Nangal – a dam with a storage area of nearly 168 sq km, only 3,800 families had been identified as displaced by then. (I must admit i am not able to go back to the source). In June 2012, TOI reported that after 40 years of completion of the dam, it is producing the cheapest Electricity in India but those ousted are yet to Continue reading

Arun Shourie and the back door democrats

I was there in a conference in Prague last winter immediately after Diwali where Mr Arun Shourie was the lead speaker. Luckily he stayed on forĀ  duration of the conference (2-3 days) after his keynote address of 2 hours. There were some signs of sour grape frustration coming forth even then. A much milder edition of Jaswant Singh’s when he felt sidelined at the time of campaign. However, it was not indiscriminate intemperate cacophony that you witness on TV screens these days. He is well read and was very articulate as he only can be. He garnished his lectures with a sense of humour, wit, a lot of couplets and lots of anecdotes from his stint with the wily Vajpayee (yes wily – not his words though).

HIs recent comments during an interview on Narendra Modi and his one year of Governance is spot on. BJP loyalists may not have liked it but he is spot on. I agree with him almost entirely. He has done what a true friend should Continue reading