About Me

vkmr1Hi: I did my schooling in Chennai, India  and later graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in the 1980’s and have been working with the industry since then.

I head the strategy function and am CFO of one of India’s largest paper manufacturer. Besides Chairing a SME in Defense and on the Board of JV with some top Japanese companies, I have been assisting various committees of Industry associations from time to time .

My work in search of natural resources takes me to several remote rural areas in India and abroad. I enjoy travelling and love talking to people which has given me unique insights re economics and how it functions at grass root level and helps me get into the core of some of the key issues affecting them.

I have been writing on reforms and economic policies in economic dailies like Business Line and Business Standard for well over a decade which has honed my skills as a writer. I have recently released a book on how to make 12% growth happen in India.

Have a wonderful time. Pl feel free to contact me on any of the issues discussed. I would be delighted.

Virupakshan Kumaraswamy

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