Land Acquisition – breaking the deadlock

For a more productive land acquisition law V Kumaraswamy A storm of sorts seems to be brewing in the capital on the land acquisition bill. The fundamental features of the recent laws as well the current bill are cash compensation, higher % of consent required, and many resettlement obligations on the acquirer. Land is in short supply, since the population especially of those who are poor and skill deficient dependent on land is increasing fast. Neither side of the political spectrum seems to have got the situation facing the farmer correct and tried to evolve more appropriate solutions and compensation structures. Continue reading

Unlocking Forex reserves to fund infrastructure

Aug 10, 2005

The Hindu BusinessLine

A model that involves the participation of intermediaries such as the World Bank/IMF, the International Finance Corporation, or the Asian Development Bank, could be the key to convincing the Reserve Bank of India to use forex reserves to fund infrastructure projects.

Attitude, our biggest infrastructure hurdle


The Hindu Businessline

It seems only logical to attribute the near 10-fold higher capital efficiency of Tokyo systems (compared to Delhi) to training of staff, their pride in punctuality, duty consciousness of support staff and may be fear of punishment, time sense of the travelling public, people in powerful positions not holding up trains when they are late, respect for rules and regulations, — their superior ‘attitudinal infrastructure’, in short.